The plant life in Brazil is psychedelic and animated. Most of these were done around Florianopolis. It is an island a few hours south of Sao Paulo with over 40 beaches/fishing communities and a cosmopolitan flourishing city, all within 30 min. The islandís natural, historic and rustic beauty is quickly being lost to developers and speculators, hence the signs we saw all over that show up in the paintings, vende-se. (for sale). Made directly on the beach, Praia do Solidao, these paintings mix sand, paint, wallpaper, sea weed and lace.


Most of These were inspired from the intense landscapes of Northern Chile, oil on panel. Many have words that were carved into the wood, excerpts from my diary.


B_LagoinhaDoLeste B_floripaVende-se B_motelBrazilianStyle

"Brazilian Flower, Lagoinha Do Leste"

"Florianopolis Vende-Se"

"Motel Brazilian Style"

B_floripaNightMemory B_nascerDoSol_Solidao B_parati.tif

"Florianopolis Night Memory"

"Nascer do Sol, Solidao"


B_Solidao B_solidaoVende-se C_AtacamaSaltLake

"Brazilian Flower, Solidao"

"Solidao Vende-Se"

"Atacama Salt Lake"

C_FromIqiquetoPica C_ParistoChilefleeingNazis C_SalardeHuasco

"From Iqique to Pica"

"From Paris to Chile, Fleeing the Nazis"

"Salar de Huasco"

C_SantiagoMemory C_TatioGeysers  

"Santiago Memory"

"Tatio Geysers"