MIDRASH- Stories reclaimed

This series of work is about discovering and claiming the stories (midrash) of my heritage and illuminating them in a contemporary, personal and relevant context. The act of creating these paintings and gathering stories has connects me to my ancestry which is Eastern European/Russian and Immigrant NY Jewish. A move to Memphis, TN from NY and Boston released something deep within me – a clamoring for these roots to not be forgotten, but rather to be transplanted to a fresh soil.
Layers of thin oil paint are mixed with lace (reminiscent of family shabbat tablecloths) rose petals, wallpaper, photographs, handmade paper, wax and glazes. These layers and textures are symbolic of the layers of my heritage....alive in past generations, then dormant, now reclaimed, reinterpreted and passed on. Also the layers of belonging to a people with deep spiritual and cultural bonds. The work is narrative, at times iconographic, with special attention to the feminine and mystical. Sources include Kabbalah, Torah, Torah Cantilation, traditions, family history and my own nesiyat ha'nefesh (journey of the soul).

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001_lulavandetrog 003_FannysFridayCandles 005_havdalahforherta 008_ledorvedor#2

"Lulav and Etrog,
the 4 species"

"Fanny's Friday Candles"

"Havdalah for Herta"

"Ledor Vador #2" (from Generation to Generation)

009_mikvah 010_roshchodesh 012_shechinah 013_tefilah


"Roshchodesh for Sally"

"Shechinah (Indwelling Presence) with Bedtime Healing Angels"

"Tefilah" (looking within)

014_tikkunolam 015_tree of life 016_devekut 017_pillaroffire2

"Tikkunolam" (to Repair the World)

"Tree of life"

"Devekut"- (Mystical Union with God)

"Pillar of fire with Shechinah"

018_pillarofsmoke1 020_NesiyatHaNefesh 021_torahCantilationw#92152 022_BibleBeltBagelBabe

"Pillar of Smoke with Shechinah"

"Nesiyat Ha'nefesh" (Journey of the Soul)

"Cantillation with Meir"

"Bible Belt, Bagel Babe; Self Portrait, Memphis"

002_blessingforTreesC#9214C 004_blessingForCreativity 006_jennysLions 007_sefiroth

"Jew in the Lotus #3, Blessing for Trees & Creatures"

"Eternal Flame" or "Blessing for Creativity"

"Jenny's Lions"

"Sefiroth" (Emanations)

011_shabbatforjenny 019_GrandmaFannyandMorris blessingfruittrees blessingseparation

"Shabbat for Jenny with Neshamah"

"Ledor Vador, Fanny and Morris" (from Generation to Generation)

"Blessing for Fruit from the Trees"

"Blessing for the Separation of the Sacred from the Profane,
Light from Darkness, Work from Rest"


blessingfortheocean blessingforrainbow hamsa  

"Blessing Upon Seeing an Ocean" (Jew in the Lotus #6)

"Blessing Upon Seeing a Rainbow"
(Jew in the Lotus #5)

"Hamsa" (Good Luck Hand)